Is your ED the most efficient it can be without sacrificing quality? Does your ER volume justify your current staffing ratio?

The pandemic has taught us the critical nature of the relationship between ED staffing ratios and ED volume as hospital ED volumes plummeted 42% in 20201. Lower ED volumes combined with higher acuity patients means making sure efficiencies don’t outpace quality of care2.

The good news: Maximizing the value in your emergency department by achieving the best staffing ratio to patient volume and revenue can increase both patient satisfaction and improve hospital revenue.

As a data-driven practice, we’ve developed a tool that hospital leadership can use to evaluate the efficiency of their emergency department.

Our calculator allows the user to assess various staffing levels and provider mix using a formula that delivers a ratio of Patients per Provider Hour (PPH), a well-established KPI for staffing efficiency. By assigning relative values to different provider types and hours, a total staffing score is derived. You can discover your hospital’s ED letter grade in just a few clicks.

Not happy with your hospital’s score? Contact us if you would like more information on how to make your emergency department the most efficient it can be.

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ED Calculator

The ED Calculator addresses the more quantifiable aspects by examining staffing levels and provider matrix, and it relates to patient volume and revenue as represented by collections per visit (CPV). Click here to learn how your emergency department stacks up.

Practice in Action

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