Outsourcing Services

Emergency Medicine

Progressive is owned, managed and staffed by world-class, board-certified emergency physicians that fully appreciate that your ED is the front door to your hospital and responsible for the vast majority of your admissions. We are committed to ensuring that every patient is treated with speedy, thorough and respectful care. We also know the economic realities of each hospital are different, so we offer several management arrangements, from consulting to full-risk outsourcing that we can customize to meet your hospital’s specific needs.

Hospitalist Services

The critical nature, both clinically and economically, of a fully engaged Hospitalist program in today’s healthcare environment is one of the biggest challenges currently facing hospitals. We understand this and make alignment between the ED and the hospitalist providers an integral part of every contract we secure. Whether it’s working with your current staff or providing a staffing and management solution, we will provide proven processes to integrate ED/hospitalist/attending communication to optimize throughput, reduce denials and appropriately impact length of stay.

Observation Medicine

The transition from a virtual status to a physical location is becoming more and more common for observation units. Appropriate staffing and procedures can allow an observation unit to be the finest example of the triple aim: higher intensity attention, lower cost per patient and higher patient satisfaction — hallmarks of a Progressive staffed and managed observation unit. Observation units or clinical decision units, when properly managed, have the ability to reduce boarding times, improve throughput, and reduce denials. Progressive has implemented successful observation medicine programs throughout our hospital partners leading to happier patients, better outcomes, and lower costs.

Urgent Care

Progressive understands that more and more hospitals are trying to provide access to care in different settings. Our roots are in the explosion of the urgent care market in New York. We can provide consulting, staffing and management solutions under a variety of models.

Critical Care

Progressive is prepared to provide every level of acute care patient management, including staffing and management of your ICU. Staffing mix and protocol management are vital to creating an efficient, safe and financially viable department responsible for the most vulnerable patients in your hospital. Progressive can create that environment fully integrated in your acute care continuum.


Care and patient satisfaction don’t end at discharge. We value the input of the patients we serve and use aftercare as a tool to continually improve the delivery of care in the departments we run. Further, a robust aftercare process is a great mechanism to engage referring physicians and increase ED volume, especially in densely populated communities that provide choice for patients and “splitter” physicians who may choose a competitor for some referrals.

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