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EM and Hospital Operations

The critical nature, both clinically and economically, of a fully engaged hospitalist program in today’s healthcare environment is one of the biggest challenges currently facing hospitals. We understand this and make alignment between the ED and the Hospitalist providers are an integral part of every contract we secure. Whether it is working with your current staff or providing a staffing and management solution we will provide proven processes to integrate ED/Hospitalist/Attending communication to optimize throughput, reduce denials and appropriately impact Length of Stay.

Quality Management

As transparency grows, achievement against CMS core measures has never been more critical. Progressive has developed a proprietary Quality Management Dashboard that provides consistent data-driven feedback measured down to the provider level, empowering our medical directors, nursing management and hospital administration to drive ED performance improvement. Granular and actionable data allows ED leadership, in close collaboration with nursing, to continually revise policies and processes to promote best practice results. Which in turn will be measured and evaluated, promoting a department of constant improvement.

Risk Management

As a physician-owned practice, Progressive has invested significant resources in developing our risk management processes. We have created, circulated and trained all ED physicians and advanced practice professionals on PEP’s detailed administrative manual. Directed use of our Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) plans supported by provider-specific performance data cross-referenced with ED benchmarking data allows us to provide ongoing feedback to our providers. These processes help to engage our team and drive results to exceed our targeted goals.

Revenue Cycle Management

With the explosion of code sets, meticulous documentation is imperative to maintain the financial viability of a busy emergency department. As physician owners, our doctors understand this responsibility. We have invested significant resources to the review of documentation guidelines and training for adherence for appropriate ED coding.

This adherence to thorough documentation allows our practice to maximize billing and coding opportunities to increase collections within the confines of the rule sets. We’ve seen greater than 25 percent increases in year-over-year collections in our new contracts by rigorous attention to detail in our physician charting.

We’ve seen a corresponding increase in facility fee collections by our partner hospitals due to the rich nature of the physician notes provided to our partner hospitals’ billing and coding resources.

As owners, our Medical Directors and leadership continually work to identify additional revenue sources in compliance with the CMS guidelines.

Progressive has made the strategic decision to partner with industry-leading RCM providers, like Zotec and Allegiance, rather than burden our practice and our partner hospitals with additional overhead.

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