Emergency Medicine Residency

ACGME accredited, Progressive runs a residency program that includes ultrasound and pediatric EM rotations and 16 weeks of critical care training. Our program helps us attract partners who wish to include academic responsibilities in their practice and a pool of recruits to staff our partner hospitals with board-certified EM physicians who understand our culture of alignment with the hospitals we serve.

Emergency Medicine Fellowships

Two female doctors reviewing reports together in the Emergency Room

Progressive is dedicated to continuing education, and our team of academically trained physician partners provides opportunities for aspiring physicians and advanced practice providers. These programs attract and retain the most engaged providers, drive efficiency and create a pool of potential leaders to serve our partner hospitals.

Programs cover leadership and management, observation medicine and ultrasound.

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

Part of being innovative is mastering available technologies and utilizing them in different clinical settings. Our emergency ultrasound division is currently comprised of seven fellowship-trained physicians, three of whom are former fellowship directors having trained over 45 fellows combined. The goal of our program is to produce experts and leaders in the field of emergency medicine ultrasound who can ultimately develop and maintain an ultrasound division, either within a department of emergency medicine or hospital-wide, as well as operate a successful fellowship training program.

Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship

Physician Assistant checking the pulse of a patient in the emergency room

More and more, successful emergency departments require a greater contribution from advanced practice professionals (APPs). Progressive has developed an eighteen-month Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellowship program at our partner hospitals in New York that combines didactic and clinical education to advance the skills necessary for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) to operate safely and efficiently at the top of their license.

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