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Emergency Department Staffing Efficiency and Financial Performance

There are several categories used to qualify and characterize the performance of an Emergency Department:

  • Operational: Typically measured by collecting data points aligned with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like door-to-doc times, and cross-referencing with best practice Benchmarking data
  • Clinical: Qualified against CMS guidelines, Core Measures, and initiatives like MIPS
  • Financial: The most direct evaluation – Revenue vs. Expenses (personnel and other-than personnel services)

The calculator below addresses the more quantifiable aspects by examining staffing levels and provider matrix, and it relates to patient volume and revenue as represented by collections per visit (CPV).

It allows the user to evaluate various staffing levels and mix using a formula that delivers a ratio of Patients per Provider Hour (PPH), a well-established KPI for staffing efficiency. By assigning relative values to different provider types and hours, a total staffing score is derived.

The staffing scores are directional and when combined with the financial impact can help provide guidelines on how a specific ED can be operated. Factors like the layout of the physical plant, or significant fluctuation in daily volume may require additional refinement, but serves as a strong indicator of appropriate, fiscally responsible staffing in most departments.

ED Staffing Efficiency and Financial Performance Calculator

Please fill out all of the required fields in red below. As you enter your information into the red-labeled fields, the calculator will begin to compile your results. Please note that all input fields that are required are in red while all calculated fields as a result of the input fields are in black. Once complete, use the grading scale to evaluate your staffing efficiency. Not happy with your score? Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to talk to our experts.

Emergency Department Staffing Efficiency Scale

Emergency Department Staffing Efficiency Scale Gauge

The grading scale provided is illustrative of staffing ratio performance as it corresponds with fiscal performance. An inflection point is present when efficiency may outpace quality and begin to negatively impact the score, as well as when volume does not support the staffing ratio.

We have the experience and expertise to strategically address many of these variations. If your current staffing model is not as optimal as you would like, let’s talk. Our management teams and unique ownership model may help close the gap and help your hospital reach set goals.

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The information contained on this webpage is for demonstrative and informational purposes only, is general in nature, and is not intended to and should not be relied upon or construed as specific to the operations of every Emergency Department. The staffing decisions for and financial performance of each Emergency Department should be based on each individual Emergency Department’s characteristics and/or demographic information.

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