Progressive Emergency Physicians and Precision Medical Arts Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery partnered with Long Island Community Hospital to sponsor the Heroes Week gifts provided to the LICH family. Progressive has serviced the LICH Emergency Department since 2018 working in close alignment with the hospital to provide excellent care to the local community. This year has been like no other we have experienced and our front line staff at Progressive and LICH has been leading the charge day in and day out to provide compassionate, quality-care to everyone that comes through the hospital doors needing help from their local heroes. Follow #Heroesweek on LinkedIn and show your support for our masked heroes without capes taking care of our families everyday.
Long Island Community Hospital Heroes during Heroes Week

About Progressive Emergency Physicians

Progressive Emergency Physicians is an Emergency Medicine group with a unique democratic ownership model that attracts clinicians seeking a culture of accountability and innovation necessary to meet today’s healthcare challenges. Our unique physician ownership model enables us to attract and retain the best clinicians that care about patient satisfaction, collaborating and partnering with your medical and nursing staff, as well as the financial well-being and growth of your hospital. At Progressive, we believe in excellence through process and partnership and that a strong, local clinical team combined with a long-term alignment with hospital leadership is the key ingredient to a high performing emergency department.

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