Friday, May 5th | 8AM - 3PM

New York Academy of Medicine | 1216 Fifth Avenue @ 103 Street

Meet the Progressive Team

Crystal Baldwin Headshot

Crystal Baldwin, MS, Senior Recruiter | 337.349.6720

About Progressive Emergency Physicians (PEP)

Headquartered in Long Island, New York, PEP is an emergency medicine group with a unique ownership model that attracts clinicians seeking a culture of accountability and innovation necessary to meet the evolving demands and challenges facing emergency medicine today. Combining clinical, operational, and academic excellence, PEP delivers best-in-class care and economic performance. PEP’s democratic partnership-driven culture promotes alignment, accountability, and innovation. The group’s substantial academic experience includes management of a large Emergency Medicine residency program as well as a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program and additional fellowships in Emergency Ultrasound, Observation Medicine, and Administration and Leadership. Currently, PEP staffs and manages seven hospital emergency departments, treating approximately 300,000 patients annually. The company also staffs and manages Observation Units in five of these client hospitals. PEP also operates fellowship programs for physician assistants and emergency department discharge programs staffed with EMTs. PEP offers a variety of additional programs to support emergency department and hospital throughput, quality metrics, and risk management.  

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